Dancers: Doug Hooker and Joe Crook
Photo Courtesy of Armour Photography


An evening of rich and viscerally honest choreography with a politically poignant repertoire.


4 Moving Pieces
hold my hand
The show’s title work is built on the score “Requiem” by Minnesota composer and
2018 McKnight Fellowship recipient, Joshua Clausen. Inspired by Sophie Chou’s
sonification of gun violence statistics, the score is performed live by MPLS
(imPulse) choir led by Samuel Grace with special guest Soprano, Carrie
Henneman Shaw, and Zeitgeist new music quartet.

One Room
Also making a premier in the production is a trio set to the experimental and contemplative music of Nils Frahm. This undulating exploration of movement builds to a climactic finish viewers won’t soon forget.

Run With Me
A popular work from the past—revitalized for today’s current context. Opening the show, this lush, sinuous men’s quartet is a display of immense physicality. Lightsey Darst for MN Artists called it “…vivid whirl, densely layered and evocative…with moments of
crystalline clarity. Melancholic, romantic, dramatic and lovely.”

Created in 2010, Threshold began as a women’s sextet and has since been
performed by both men and women. With the fight for gender equality taking
center stage in national conversation, now is an ideal time for this work to return
to its roots with a cast of all-female dancers. Their movement is a meditation on
the emotional space between leaving and entering, as if you’re on the brink of
transforming—the future in sight, but not quite yet a reality.


Production Notes –
Mathew Janczewski
Music: Lhasa, Joshua Clausen, Nils Frahm, Bell Orchestre, Massive Attack, and Susumu Yokota
Lighting Design: Mary Beth Zorn
Costume Concept: Mathew Janczewski
Run time: Approximately 95 minutes

For booking/touring information, please contact –

Bobby Maher
(920) 321-4058

Hold My Hand Excerpt from Mathew Janczewski on Vimeo.
For images from the show, click here!