Dancers: (L to R) Dustin Haug, Timmy Wagner and Stephen Schroeder.
Photo Courtesy of Armour Photography


“Mathew Janczewski’s choreography is beloved for its elegant construction, formal intelligence, and lush grace. In the most classical sense, his work is beautiful.”

Star Tribune


Plastic Language, an evening length trio that deconstructs everyday moments to investigate simplest form. Inspired by the surrealist works of painter Miro, this avant-garde work undulates between confined and open spaces as dancers attempt to establish communication between each other. Dancers oscillate between roles as spectator and performer, expanding concepts of relationship with oneself and another. This unusual, thought-provoking work is conceptually challenging as it is technically stunning.

‘Plastic Language lushly illustrates Janczewski’s supple, lithe choreographic style; at times, one almost feels transported by the kinetic power of the muscular and languorous movement.’ — Star Tribune

Production Notes –
Mathew Janczewski
Music: Oren Ambarchi, Autechre, Chopin,Cinematic Orchestra, Colleen, Deininger, Blasmusik, Fourtet, Leftfield, Mogwai, Vivaldi
Lighting Design: Heidi Eckwall
Costume Design: Sonya Berlovitz
Run time: Approximately 60 minutes

For booking/touring information, please contact –

Bobby Maher
(920) 321-4058



Plastic Language Excerpts from Mathew Janczewski on Vimeo.