SPOTLIGHT ON: Milo & Virgil

Milo Pinkerton and Virgil Taus have been connected to ARENA DANCES for 15+ years as donors, patrons and friends of Mathew and the company. Currently based in California during the less-than-temperate Minnesota winters, we had the pleasure of catching up with Milo on the phone recently. Beyond laughing over the weather, we learned about Milo and Virgil’s dance class stories, reminisced on their favorite ARENA experiences and listened to their hopes for ARENA as we venture into our 25th year. 

As the president and founder of MSP Real Estate and Heritage Senior Living, Milo’s career in real estate and ground-up housing was guided by his childhood, growing up in the household of a ma & pa apartment company. Learning the ropes of the real estate business was not the only thing Milo gained from his parents, though. His parents loved to dance, in fact, they even met on the dance floor; Milo’s smile was tangible through the phone, “it’s in my bones” he says.  

While at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a Masters of Science in Business, Real Estate Investment, Milo recalls the dance parties at the Union he often attended. He shares the fun he had winning the “Hope Diamond” in the polka dance contest. Once living in Minneapolis, Milo took class at Zenon Dance School during his 30’s which “instilled in [him] the joy of dance,” and shares that Virgil took classes in the same building, as well, with Minnesota Dance Theater’s Founder Loyce Houlton. 

The pair’s first interactions with ARENA DANCES was thanks to a good friend of theirs, Paul Kaminski (and previous board member of ours!) who invited the couple to our 10th Anniversary performance of Ten at The Southern Theater. Milo recalls the joy he felt in his bones witnessing, or rather experiencing, the physicality of Mathew’s choreography and the artistry of the dancers. 

As some of our most loyal and supportive donors, we also wanted to hear from them about their visions for ARENA DANCES as we venture into our 25th year of original dance-making, educational outreach and community engagement. The duo is excited to see that our programming is continuing to grow, consistently employing our dancers as both movement and teaching artists. Like Milo’s work in business, he speaks to the magic that can occur when the trust between colleagues enables the cohort to “build on the energy that each [member brings].”

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