Dancers: (L to R) Timmy Wagner, Elise Erickson, Blake Nellis, Dustin Haug, Sarah Baumert and Kimmie Allen
Photo by Dan Norman Photography


“Janczewski’s dances soar, tumble, float, writhe!”

Star Tribune


The Main Street Project explores how current attitudes, relationships and habits have changed in an information-driven technological world by utilizing integrative forms of media – juxtaposing visceral and explosive movement with Electro/Techno/Pop music, Folk-inspired songs, and projections of filmed interviews with peoplefrom diverse communities and backgrounds. The work illuminatesthemes of isolation and belonging in contemporary society to ask the question, does “Main Street” still exist?

‘The Main Street Project’ builds upon the idea that our society is losing something valuable, namely the personal touch that thrives in communities where relationships are built upon more than clicking “like” on Facebook. Part of the premise is pure nostalgia — even in the most close-knit places some people are isolated, intentionally or not — but it also rings true in many ways, as borne out by the various voices and movement actions in the work.’   — Star Tribune

Production Notes –
Mathew Janczewski
Music: Flobots, Gui Boratto, Hildur Gudnadottir, Johann Johannsson, Spirit Guide, Robyn, The Xx, Yair Etziony
Text: Daniel DeWolf
Film/Video Production: Cully Gallagher
Lighting Design: Heidi Eckwall
Costume Design: Sonya Berlovitz
Run time: Approximately 60 minutes

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Bobby Maher
(920) 321-4058