The Main Street Project explores how current attitudes, relationships and habits have changed in an information-driven technological world by utilizing integrative forms of media – juxtaposing visceral and explosive movement with Electro/Techno/Pop music, Folk-inspired songs, and projections of filmed interviews with people from diverse communities and backgrounds. The work illuminates themes of isolation and belonging in contemporary society to ask the question – “Does ‘Main Street’ still exist?”.

As a company deeply committed to making contemporary dance accessible to communities and individuals not often given an opportunity to engage with this vibrant art form, the ability to reach diverse audiences is vital to ARENA’s ongoing mission.  Providing movement and storytelling workshops for elementary to university age students and a wide range of trained and untrained community members of various ages provides a unique opportunity to connect the creative process with people’s lives and a community’s collective identity.

— To learn how you can bring The Main Street Project to your town, please contact
Bobby Maher
(920) 321-4058