Jake and Hope Armour of Armour Photography have been friends of Mathew and ARENA DANCES for 10+ years, connecting as both fans of each others’ work and collaborators in the field of the the arts. Their first introduction was initiated by ARENA BIKINI, a long-run annual benefit of the company, at which the Armours donated a high-end portrait photoshoot experience for the silent auction. At the event, the three “hit it off right away as human beings and creatives.” Shortly after, Jake and Hope attended an ARENA performance, “sealing the deal” for their endless support.

The Armours describe how they have always been attracted to modern dance, but had not seen much of the local Twin Cities scene before their introduction to ARENA. Mathew’s work was strikingly unique, standing apart from their previous experiences; he “connects the storytelling to the movement and it is fun to see the interpretation of human growth through dance,” explains Jake, as the essence of ARENA is quite simply our humanity. “The amount of internal reflection done during the process, clearly impacts the work,” uniting emotion with physicality.

Throughout the years, Armour Photography and ARENA DANCES have joined forces in the studio – creating the “perfect storm” with collaborative processes translating and executing a vision. Jake shares that light is often the focus of his art, with work primarily on the more commercial end of photography. Working with Mathew has been very “exciting and stimulating” – sharing that some of his most creative art has come organically in the studio with Mathew.

The Armours commitment to arts begins with a desire to confront the unexplored, bringing consciousness to these unshared human stories. Like ARENA DANCES, Armour Photography believes in the power of expression to redefine the human condition and lean on collaboration in doing so. If you too believe in the importance of this work, you can help support it by clicking the donate button below!


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