Dancers: Timmy Wagner
Photo by Dan Norman Photography


Fluid, lush, complete.

— Big Dance Town


The program includes two popular works from the company’s history including Not so good at standing still, a dance from 2010 which, for Janczewski, represents finding one’s footing/balance in new surroundings and rounding out the program is a special reprise of Matador, from 2012, a demanding piece about facing one’s fears and finding love. It is a sensual work, filled with anticipation, passion and gentle beauty. The Minneapolis Star Tribune called Matador an “eloquent evocation” of the pain and beauty of the bullfight.

“Reveling in the energy of polished live performance, Janczewski’s movement is lovely to watch.” — Dance Magazine

Production Notes –
Mathew Janczewski
Music: Rene Aubry, Gui Boratto, Yair Etziony, Hildur Guonodottir, Alberto Iglesias, Michael Nyman and Kangding Ray
Lighting Design: Heidi Eckwall
Costume Design: Sonya Berlovitz, Mary Ann Kelling
Run time: Approximately 90 minutes

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Bobby Maher